Destiny 2 Guide: All The Warlock Voidwalker Skills

Check out what’s changed for the Warlock’s Voidwalker subclass in Destiny 2 For PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We also offer a few tips on how to best use them.

This Warlock Build DEVOURS End Game Content! [Destiny 2 Warlock Build]

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This Warlock Build DELETS End Game Content! [Destiny 2 Warlock Build]

Hey Crew!

They Gameplay really just speaks for itself here! Watch what we do to these 2 Guardian Knights, a ton of red bar enemies and a light barer all at once here in this first clip.

It really doesn’t get much better than this on the Warlock and just watch the first 4 minutes of the gameplay and how we just Black Hole this entire room filled with Champions, Hive guardians and Light Barriers!

So I hate to say it but this Void Warlock Build trumps Arc Warlocks so far, for me anyways, At least for End game content and I am solo in the Master nightfall and 20 power level below the recommended which is 1600.

So that might play into a bit as well, because don’t get me wrong Arc warlock is amazing in general content but I think the Arc Titan is beating it right now for end game, I mean have you seen those Storm Grenades!

I decided to go back to Void since Xur Sold Controverse Holds this weekend and we did some mod tweaking to make them amazing and Its also been 6 months since I have played a Controverse Warlock and man is it better than ever!

I am going to answer this question really quickly because I know its going to be asked a ton and that is what makes Controverse Better than Nezerac Sin or Nothing Manacles, well first off controverse
actually finally got a ornament and they look much better now!

But in all seriousness its the free Grenade energy we get for literally just getting our grenade in the general are of a enemy since our Vortex is big and it sucks enemies in!

What I can compare it too is Heart of Inmost light on the Titan. You get free energy for not doing much! Where as with Nezaracs and Nothing Manacles they require Kills. So if your in a 1v1 with a barrier
champion as you will see in some of the gameplay, those 2 exotics don’t help because there is nothing to kill. Even controverse works better on bosses because they can double proc the grenade regen on a single enemy twice
which means you get close to a full grenade back as long as your hitting the target and that’s pretty easy to do given the size of Vortex Grenades, The Pull they provide and they last like 10 seconds which is crazy!

Were going to add some mods that will make a big difference and as you can see we always have a powerful grenade, were weakening targets which is the yellow crit numbers, were full healing with devour
and on top of that thanks to some mods we always have a rift just in case in our 1 v 1s and we get our super extremally fast and I mean fast!

If you want a one stop shop to all my builds like you see on screen then make sure to click the link in the pinned comment and become a member and thank you so much to those that have already done so I really appreciate your extra kindness!

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The PERFECT Ability Spam Build for Void Warlocks – Destiny 2 Nezarec’s Sin

The PERFECT Ability Spam Build for Void Warlocks – Destiny 2 Nezarec’s Sin

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