Destiny 2 Update "Fixes" New Hunter Exotic, Nerfing Star-Eater Scales; Read The Patch Notes

The new Destiny 2 Exotic Star-Eater Scales have been giving players way more damage than they should get, so Bungie has reeled it in.

Star-Eater Scales in PvE- Are they worth using??

Taking a look at the brand new Hunter exotic armor piece from Season of the Splicer, comparing it to some other Hunter exotics and seeing whether this new armor has a place in the PvE meta!


Every Chest I Opened Until I Got Star Eater Scales…

11 tries… Oh my

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The Star Eater Scales NERF Was Secretly a BUFF? (Destiny 2)

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The Star Eater Scales NERF Was Secretly a BUFF? (Destiny 2)

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Destiny 2: Star Eater Scales Nerfed? I Think? vs. Celestial Nighthawk

Star Eater Scales are on a roller coaster right now and I’m trying to set things straight, but MAN is it tough to follow. First bugged, then disabled, then re-enabled, only for them to be bugged again, but they’re going to be fixed, but they’re also getting nerfed via the fix? End me. I didn’t even consider the thought that what Cozmo is describing in his post is LITERALLY what the boots are like now? And they just don’t know? I don’t know. My boy Toes doesn’t know. And when my boy Toes doesn’t know, that’s saying something.

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