Twisted Metal: Head-On Character Profile

Check out the grotesque menagerie that will populate Sony’s handheld automotive brawler.

Dark Tooth (Marcus & Needles Kane) – Twisted Metal: Head-On

Twisted Metal™: Head-On

Twisted Metal Series – All Playable Vehicles

Vehicle selection screens from all Twisted Metal games with all vehicles are unlocked. Does not include cars that require GameShark type codes. Tower Tooth from Head-On is also not included as it’s only limited to a single stage in challenge mode. Optional paint jobs from the PS3 game and the Twisted Metal create a car mode are not shown.

Games Featured:
Twisted Metal (PS) (0:00)
Twisted Metal 2 (PS/PC) (1:19)
Twisted Metal III (PS) (2:17)
Twisted Metal 4 (PS) (4:32)
Twisted Metal: Black (PS2) (6:44)
Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (PS) (8:04)
Twisted Metal: Head On (PSP/PS2) (9:27)
Twisted Metal: Lost (PS2) (11:13)
Twisted Metal (PS3) (12:53)

Top 5 Twisted Metal Wishes

Can you even call just one Twisted Metal wish the best? I don’t even know. This was so much harder than i thought, but here it is anyway. The best wishes from Twisted Metal 1-5!

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The Definitive Twisted Metal Wish List

Once upon a time there was a series called Twisted Metal, it was a consistent figurehead in the PlayStation catalogue for many years. However the series mysteriously disappeared after 2012. I don’t know if they’re ever going to revive the series properly (not a mobile game) but if they did, here’s what I would want them to do in order to make this hypothetical new game the best it could possibly be.

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